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Coupe: $200


Sedan: $225


Truck / SUV ( 2 row ): $250


Van / Large SUV ( 3 row ): $300

Boat: $25 - $30/foot 



The final price may vary depending on variables such as deep stains, excessive dirt and/or pet hair. 

Full Detail Price



- Hand wash with quality soap & wheels cleaned of break dust 

- Door jambs 

- Minor Tar / sap / Road paint removal 

- Single step machine polish

- Tire Conditioner ( Shine )

- Full interior shampoo (includes all surfaces and storage compartments)

- Light Headliner cleaning

- Windows inside and out

- Screens, mirrors, and wood grains cleaned with glass cleaner. 

- Minor Deodorizer treatment.



Customer will be charged extra if we have to remove a significant amount of trash or personal items before shampooing.

Services included

Ceramic Coatings


Additional Services


- Major deodorizer treatment (includes full interior steam cleaning, steamed air vents and topped off with a quality deodorant)


- Clay Bar (removes contaminates from the paint that cannot be removed with basic wash/wax)


- Paint Correction (for minor scratches and paint oxidation)


- Engine Bay detail


- Headlight restoration 


- Major  tar / sap / road paint removal


Spray and Dry

We offer Glass and Paint coatings with a 3 - 5 year life expectancy, when properly maintained. Pricing varies depending on the size of the vehicle. 

This option is specifically for Dealership vehicles to help remove pollen, 

bird feces, loose dirt, etc.  

( Price per vehicle )

1. Pressure wash only for $2.25 

2. Pressure wash & hand dry for $3.25 



Quality soap is mixed in our water tank to reduce water spots and clean microfiber towels and/or squeegees are used when drying vehicles.


 (502) 338 - 6707​

  Louisville, Ky 40216 


Precision Details

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