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our signature detail package

Prices may vary for excessively dirty vehicles, and over-sized vehicles. We also offer additional services like paint correction and ceramic coatings, that can be added to your detail package.


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Small truck/suv

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Starting at



  • Carefully washed with quality soap and clean wash mitts

  • Minor clay bar treatment

  • Wheels and wheel wells cleaned and dressed

  • Hand dry with extra soft microfiber towels

  • One step machine polish to remove light oxidation, swirls and scratches

  • A generous coat of wax/sealant is applied

  • Door jambs

  • Windows are cleaned inside and out


  • Carpet, floor mats and seats are shampooed and vacuumed

  • All surfaces and small areas are cleaned with quality solutions and brushes made specifically for auto fabric and leather

  • Conditioner is applied to leather seats and panels

  • Headliner will be wiped down with solution for light stains

  • Minor odor treatment

Detail package includes

Additional services

* Ceramic coatings *

(paint - glass - wheels)

* Engine bay detail *

* Paint correction *


* Major clay bar treatment *

(for severe rail dust, over spray, and other contaminates)

* Steam cleaning *

(Interior - Exterior - Engine)


* Odor removal *

* Headlight restoration *

* Undercarriage wash *


Lot wash

Price per vehicle


Pressure wash only


Pressure wash & hand dry


Receive a


 5% off 

Multiple vehicle discount

10% off

Repeat customer discount

(six months or less)


Precision Details

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 (502) 338 - 6707​

  Louisville, Ky 40216 

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