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Corvette Stingray

Our Signature Detailing Package

Delivering quality detailing services to your doorstep!


  • Hand washed with soap that is safe to use on ceramic coatings​​

  • Wheels and wheel wells cleaned and dressed​

  • Hand dry with extra soft drying towels and/or compressed air.

  • Minor clay bar treatment

  • Paint enhancement (one step machine polish)

  • A generous coat of wax is applied

  • Windows cleaned (exterior only)

  • Door jambs are cleaned (with full-service package only)


  • Carpet, floor mats and seats are shampooed and vacuumed (including trunk)

  • All surfaces and small areas are cleaned with quality solutions and brushes made specifically for auto fabric and leather

  • Thorough Vacuuming of the entire interior

  • Conditioner is applied to leather seats and panels (If needed)

  • Headliner cleaned (severity can affect pricing)​​

  • Windows cleaned (interior only)

  • Minor odor treatment

interior only

Starting at

cars: $150
truck/suv: $170-$200
Van/XL: $220+$230

exterior only

Starting at

cars: $115
Truck/suv: $125-150
van/xl: $165-$175

The "starting price" is based on a thorough but basic cleaning and restoration. Vehicles that need an even deeper cleaning due to things like excessive pet hair, stains or paint contaminants, will require extra time to complete. This will affect the final price.

Packages Include

Interested in having your vehicle maintained on a regular basis? Sign up for one of our maintenance packages and receive a huge discount!

Maintenance PAckages


Starting at



Starting at


Van/XL Vehicles

Starting at




10% OFF

Schedule your vehicle for our Signature Detailing Package every 6 months and receive a 10% discount.



20% OFF

Schedule your vehicle for our Signature Detailing Package every 3 months and recieve a 20% discount.



25% OFF

Schedule your vehicle for our Signature Detailing Package every other month and recieve a 25% discount.

Additional services

* Ceramic coatings *

Paint. Glass. Wheels. Wraps.


* Engine bay detail *

* Paint correction *


* Major clay bar treatment *

(for severe rail dust, over spray, and other contaminates)

* Steam cleaning *

Interior. Exterior. Engine.


* Odor removal *

Level 1. Level 2. Level 3.

* Headlight restoration *

* Undercarriage wash *


Lot wash

Price per vehicle


Pressure wash only


Pressure wash & hand dry


Corvette Stingray

Precision Details

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Mobile Detailing and

Ceramic Coating Services

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  Louisville, Ky 40214

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