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Mobile Detailing
in Louisville

Providing Quality Detailing
services to your doorstep!

Our Signature Detailing Package

This package includes both the Interior and Exterior of your vehicle. Additional services can be added so that your package is tailored to your needs.


Starting at

(based on size)

$250 - $275


Starting at

(based on size)

$300 - $350

Van/XL Vehicles

Starting at

(based on size)

$375 - $400

interior PKG

Starting at

cars: $175

truck/suv: $200-$225

Van/XL: $225-$250

Exterior PKG

Starting at

cars: $150

truck/suv: $175

Van/XL: $200

Detailing Packages Include


  • Thorough vehicle inspection

  • Carefully washed with soap that is safe to use on ceramic coatings​​

  • Dried with extra plush towels and forced air

  • Wheels and wheel wells are cleaned and dressed​

  • Iron remover treatment to remove paint contaminants

  • Single stage machine polish to remove minor swirls and scratches

  • A generous coat of wax or sealant is applied

  • Windows cleaned (exterior)


  • Carpet, floor mats and seats are shampooed (including trunk)

  • All surfaces and small areas are cleaned with quality products and brushes made specifically for auto fabric and leather

  • Thorough vacuuming of the entire interior

  • Conditioner is applied to leather seats and panels (If requested)

  • Light headliner cleaning is included (Deep headliner cleaning costs extra)

  • Windows cleaned (interior)

  • Minor odor treatment

  • Door jambs are cleaned from top to bottom

Note: The "starting price" reflects a thorough yet standard cleaning and restoration. Vehicles requiring additional care due to excessive pet hair, stains, or paint contaminants will necessitate more time to address. This may influence the ultimate cost. Any additional costs will be discussed with the customer upon first inspection.

Maintenance PAckages

Consider signing up for one of our regular vehicle maintenance packages and enjoy a significant discount!


(Every six months)

10% OFF

Schedule your vehicle for our Signature Detailing Package every 6 months and receive a 10% discount.



15% OFF

Schedule your vehicle for our Signature Detailing Package every 3 months and recieve a 20% discount.


(Every other month)

20% OFF

Schedule your vehicle for our Signature Detailing Package every other month and recieve a 25% discount.

Additional services

* Engine bay detail *

* Paint correction *

* Paint Enhancement *


* Major clay bar treatment *

(for severe rail dust, over spray, and other contaminates)

* Deep Steam cleaning *

Interior. Exterior. Engine.


* Odor removal *

Level 1. Level 2. Level 3.

* Headlight restoration *

* Undercarriage wash *


Lot wash

Price per vehicle


Pressure wash only


Pressure wash & hand dry


Precision Details

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Mobile Detailing and

Ceramic Coating Services

  Louisville, Ky 40214

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